Empowering mobile network services

The telecommunications sector requires constant innovation to remain competitive and still follow industry processes. 

Acernis found the way to fully integrate the digital twin solution into the industry.

Our Solution

We extract on-field information and generate the digital twin of the telecommunications site. The digital twin is a highly accurate computerized representation of the actual physical infrastructure. We package true and pertinent data into a valuable asset to meet industry needs and requirements.


We automatically generate corresponding antenna inventory for your sites and thereafter integrate it into your personal format or documentation workflow. We attain industry grade precision through our technology.


The digital twin that we create is the as-is representation of the existing structure. The digital form provides the ideal input to deliver the corresponding technical documentation continuously used in the industry for planning and reporting activities.


We extract information directly from the field and generate digital twins of rooftop sites in their environment. Acernis empowers the optimization of mobile networks for your country-specific EMF regulations.

Turn Asset Documentation into Actionable Data you can rely on

Acernis’s digital twin solution is process-optimized and developed together with real-time industry requirements. This customization provides companies with tangible, directly-available advantages.

Accelerated Roll-out

Reduce your on-site planning lead time significantly by employing accurate, data-driven as-is documentation. Optimize design configurations faster with fewer iterations.

Contractual Compliance

Quickly establish invoicing compliance for rental agreements through accurate and updated as-is inventory.

Focus on the Best of your Business

Experience the benefits of reduced human error as you complete planning, engineering, and drafting tasks faster so you can focus more attention on high-profit activities.

Instantly conduct Accurate Due Diligence

When selling or purchasing hundreds to thousands of macro sites, instantly determine an exact site value in one click. Avoid litigation and protect your reputation with a robust documentation process.

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