Accelerating mobile network rollout

Deploying 5G is a challenge for mobile network operators,
who must rapidly acquire numerous new telecommunication base station sites.

These sites must meet complex criteria (radio, statics, urban planning, landlord preferences, etc.).
A fast rollout maximizes market share to capitalize on investements.

Digitize your rollout activities and deploy base station sites faster

Acernis uses cutting-edge digital technology to bring significant efficiency and reliability gains across the planning and permitting stages of new site projects and standardize the deployment timeframes.

Rollout faster

Rollout more sites, faster! Save time on site audits, generate the required site documentation faster and have the site permits approved more quickly.

Increase site acquisition success rate

Acernis technology enables site hunters to sign more contracts and secure locations with higher value.

Maximize site value

Become the first on site and unlock the full potential of your sites! Leading the way in site deployment gives you the freedom to choose the best radio configurations and ensures a portfolio of high-quality sites that boost the value of your initial deployments.

Regain control of your project timeframes

Consistently and reliably, deploy new sites faster.

On-site 3D scan acquisition within 1 hour

Thanks to 3D scanning from drones and/or ground-based scanners, you benefit from increased reliability compared to manual on-site surveys. Capture all the required site data, in a standard manner, while reducing the time spent on-site and back at the office.

3D scan acquired on site

Preliminary site documentation within a few days

Our algorithms generate the as-is and as-planned technical drawings of the site at laser speed, while providing maximum flexibility to the planning teams in setting the site design. It has never been faster to create a reliable and accurate preliminary documentation.

Generated Preliminary Design

Photomontage and site permit application

Reduce the site permit approval lead time from authorities by submitting clear declarations based on reliable data: realistic photomontages, precise plans, and straightforward information.

Pre-filled permit application

Digital asset management

Acernis technology enables to derive and structure all the data to be integrated in asset management systems.

Collaborative 3D model

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